Alexandra-QueensConquer-29Photography by: CJK

Hey there! My name is Alexandra Wilson, I’m the creator of Queens Conquer, a community of fearless and passionate women who are owning our purpose.  I created Queens Conquer to provide women in business resources to brand their passion. Here you’ll read, learn and discuss all things entrepreneurship + branding, advice from women in business who aren’t usually represented in media and ways to remain balanced through it all. Queens Conquer is a community for women like you and me who are going against the grain to create a limitless life while choosing collaboration over competition.

Full-time, I’m a content editor for naturallycurly.com, the largest online haircare platform dedicated specifically to natural and curly hair. I have written and contributed on a plethora of topics in the health, hair, beauty, fashion and wellness spectrums. I’m passionate about self-care, entrepreneurship, inclusivity in media, social justice, intersectional feminism and community infrastructure.


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  1. Alexandra says:

    Thank you for your kind words, greatly appreciated!


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